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Provide Your Elderly with Assisted Good Living Facilities

Some families are very critical about placing their love ones in a nursing home, and if this is the case, then assisted living facilities could be an option for them. Some people do not like nursing homes because they do not like the scenario of someone else who will feed, or clothe, and clean up after their elderly, even if they can still fend for themselves.

Staying in an assisted living facility has its advantages because it allows residents to physically keep their independence as much as possible. This is the type of home that is befitting for an aging love one who can still manage to move around without any nurse or doctor supervision. In this type of home, the elderly would only somebody to to do the cleaning, cooking and other day to day chores.

The different people who reside in these homes are those who do not require constant monitoring and do not have medical needs. The elderly who will live in this assisted living facilities may be in some condition but not that critical, and has still a strong mental and physical capabilities and would love to be around with their peers.
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We can enumerate some differences between assisted living homes and nursing homes. One factor that distinguishes assisted living homes from nursing homes is the flexibility of location, meaning it can be an apartment or in a large home.
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Although there are differences in protocol between these facilities, the patients in both are served three meals per day and staff members of the facility can regularly visit them. The time that staff attends to the patients would vary depending on the condition, like it could run to 24 hours attention or just two visits per day.

The staff’s attention will largely depend on the condition of the patient, like if the patient cannot bathe or dress himself or herself, then they will be given a regular supervision. A resident would not need so much monitoring if the help will only be about cooking meals, or doing laundry, etc.

Doctors and nurses are not regular staff in an assisted living facilities since it is not a medical facility. It is in cases of emergencies that the doctor will be summoned to come to the facility. Staff members are strictly not authorized to perform medical procedures, and thus they are just there to assist in menial tasks and to help patients to socialize.

One function of staff members in assisted living facilities is to help create health and exercise programs and social and educational activities to help keep residents active both mentally and physically. You will find the best assisted living facilities with such facilities as recreation rooms, exercise rooms, chapel and libraries. One nice service of this facility is that it arranges field trips for your elderly.

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