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The Plum Magnitude Trampoline Described

The plum magnitude trampoline is a recent launch with superior features. The product can be purchased at the manufacturer website, and free shipping is provided within the USA. Describing the features of this product is what can bring out what the plum magnitude trampoline is. The description here below is how the product looks like and operates. A website on the same can be viewed at their website.

The plum mini magnitude trampoline has a height of six feet and new innovative 3G safety enclosure. The jumper has more jumping space as the enclosure curves outward. The user is given more space as the trampoline extends upwards and outwards. The 3G safety enclosure has a curved bottom to protect the user from being harmed by the springs. The black finish makes the trampoline to be stylish while standing in your garden. The inside and outside is galvanized to protect it from rusting. You are thus assured that it will serve you many years.

Five years of warranty are provided for the frame. A million jumps testing is done to verify that it will serve you for many years. The frame is 32mm by 1.5mm of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel frame is covered by a five year warranty. It is easy to maneuver the trampoline because of the locking legs.
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The 3G enclosure curves ensures the safety of the user. The net is supported by six poles that are sleeve covered. It gives the user the freedom to bounce without fear. The trampoline bed is made to give the best landing platform. The bed is made using waterproof, and UV stabilized woven mesh. It is best suited for outside use due to multiple stitching and meshes that allow easy draining. The beds are the highest quality and can withstand weather changes.
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The cell foams are used to make the pads and exclude water. PVC is made is used to make the top layer which is long lasting than the PE. It extends 30mm over the mat and frame to ensure that jumper cannot chance and land on an exposed part. The pads are tightly secured to the trampoline to ensure that they remain in the correct place. Treating the pad covering with UV properties make sure that they will not be damaged by the ultraviolet sun. The cover of the upper part is in the EPE foam while the bottom is made using PVC sleeves.

Use the trampoline while observing safety. Not more than one user
should be on the trampoline at the same time. Such an action can reduce the landing area per person which can be cause for injury. Warrants are only effective under safe uses.

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