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What You Should Consider When Frying A Turkey?

If you want to celebrate the weekend or holiday your family and friends, then you need to prepare them with a delicious meal and cooking a turkey would be a great idea. Nowadays, deep frying turkey is popular in some areas and regions. This would also be a good idea if you have outdoor parties and barbecues next weekend. Keep in mind the important details when you want to cook a delicious deep friend turkey over the weekend. The ideal temperature that you should take note when deep frying a turkey is to cook it between 325 to 365 degrees F. When the turkey you purchased from the store has 12lbs or less in weight, then you should fry it 2 minutes per pound. And if it is more than 12 pounds in weight, then you should fry the turkey 3 minutes per pound.

There are a lot of equipment that you can choose when you want to fry the turkey such as the traditional turkey fryer, electric turkey fryer, indoor turkey fryer and deep fryer. When you have a 12 to 15 pound turkey, then you most likely would use 1 to 2 gallons of oil. If you plan to make use of the oil again then you can also do this as long as you strain and filter it properly. If you plan to use peanut oil to fry the turkey, then you should only used this up to 4 times until it turns bad.

Any ready-to-use seasoning used for Deep-Fried Turkeys are available in the market such as red pepper salt, tiger sauce, garlic and many more. You should also use Cajun seasoning because it is well known.
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The basic method when frying a turkey is to heat the oil up to 360 degrees. It would also be a good idea if you have an oil thermometer to help you with this. Make sure that you have a large pan for this and if you don’t have one, then be sure to look for some cheap turkey fryers on stores and malls. The next thing is to inject the marinade and sprinkle some salt and seasonings.
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One of the safety tips in having deep fried turkey is that it should be eaten right away, another one would be, after cooking you should store the leftovers in the fridge for 2 hours, then cleaning the area properly because it came in contact with the raw turkey, and then cooling should the oil should be done before filtering and stoning.

There are a lot of dishes that you can prepare from cooking a deep fried turkey. You can always ask for some turkey recommendations from your friends and family members. However, the best source would be the internet, so make sure that you search more about deep fried turkey recipes right now.

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