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The Advantages of Loose Leaf Tea Over Bagged Tea

According to statistics, tea is the second most consumed beverage all around the world. In nearly all countries, tea is taken at different times of the day, whether for breakfast or recreational purposes. You can take tea to boost energy or feel better when sick. Unlike other popular beverages like alcohol, tea is recommended for both adults and children.

There are different types of teas in the market. The teas in the market come from various countries. Some of the countries with the most famous tea, mostly for their taste, are Kenya, Sri Lanka and Brazil. When tea has been harvested, it is ready for brewing but to cater for the needs of some customers, companies can opt to flavor the leaves. If you are looking for the best tea in the market, try loose leaf green tea. Apart from tasting great, there are several benefits of taking the tea. Here are two benefits of taking green loose leaf tea.

Improve Your Health
One of the main benefits of taking green leaf loose tea is better health. The leaves of the tea are larger and this means they keep more of the powerful catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. You will have access to these healthy ingredients by taking the tea.
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According to various medical studies, tea can help to prevent various types of cancers. Loose lead green tea also helps to lower cholesterol, boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and helps in weight management. If you are taking tea brewed in bags, you will still get the benefits of the healthy ingredients, but at a lower scale.

Tea leaves that are 6 to 8 months are the best for brewing.

Great Taste and Flavor
The large surface area of loose leaf green tea sets it apart from other types of tea. Unlike ‘tea dust” (fanning) that go into bags, the large surface area of loose tea harbors more natural oils. The flavors and scents of the tea are incredible. When you prepare fresh loose lead team, you will realize the smell is fresh and clean. Some of the green tea flavors you can enjoy include earthy, floral, sweet, vegetal and others.

When it comes to taste, bagged tea is not as sweet as green tea. When you take green tea and then bagged tea, you will realize the latter tastes old, bitter and fuzzy. Moreover, the aroma of bagged tea is not as sweet as that of green tea. Apart from color, there is little that bagged tea has better than loose leaf green tea.

There are various health benefits of taking loose lead green tea. Not all teas provide the same benefits. To get the most benefit, it is better to stick to loose leaf green tea.

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